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Charity Ghost Hunt - The Dragon Theatre, Barmouth

Be part of the team and be a paranormal investigator for a night of ghost hunting, in the quest for evidence of paranormal activity in reportedly, some of the most haunted buildings in Gwynedd and North Wales. Join us for a night that could possibly change your life forever as we go in search of evidence of life after death. We will investigate possible spirit activity such as knocking, cold breezes and dark shadows that cannot be explained. We will attempt glass divination and participate in table tipping experiments. We will also use some ghost hunting equipment including; beam barrier alarms, latest technology in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording and more.

The imposing granite and slate building which houses the Dragon Theatre and Barmouth Community Centre, was constructed in the 1890's as an English congregational chapel. Previous investigations in this venue have proved to be very paranormally active indeed!

As always this event is being held to raise money for a local charity in North Wales.

Are you brave enough to join us?!



As we are a non-profit organisation specifically set up to raise money for charities across North Wales, all remaining funds after the venue hire and expenses, will, as always be donated to a local charity.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided free of charge
The venue have agreed a special rate for our guests for Bed & Breakfast. If you require B&B please contact The Ring directly. A later breakfast has also been agreed.
Any free tickets from previous events or loyalty cards must be used separately and not in conjunction with any other offer. You can only use a free ticket/loyalty card when being accompanied by at least 1 other full paying person. Please see terms and conditions.

Just a little bit more information for those who have never been on a ghost hunt with us before...

..... To start with, you'll sign in for fire safety  (and sign out when you leave). You'll read and sign the terms and conditions, we'll introduce the GPI team then give a little talk about us, some health and safety points to take note of and we go through some of the main terms and conditions and then we'll explain what's going to happen throughout the night. We split you into teams, do a little grounding exercise and a protection prayer, then you'll go to different areas of the venue to investigate with a GPI team leader. You'll get the opportunity to use some of the equipment we use for spirit communication. We'll have a couple of tea breaks during the night. It sounds like it's going to be a long night, starting at 10 pm and not finishing until 4 am but believe me, it goes so quickly! Make sure you wear warm clothes and flat shoes. There isn’t normally any heating on at any of our venues! Bring a torch and a camera if you want to take pictures because mobile phones must be switched off and left in the base room. Try not to bring any valuables with you as your bags will be left in the base room. It will be quite safe as we are the only people in the building and the doors will be locked but just to be on the safe side.

We do provide basic refreshments (Tea, coffee and biscuits). We do not provide sandwiches or hot food unless stated otherwise. If you have any specific dietary requirements or wish to bring snacks please feel free to bring your own. However, refreshments will only be allowed in the base room.

We always hold a raffle on the nights so you can bring a couple of ££'s with you for the raffle if you wish. Raffle tickets are £1 a strip or 6 strips for £5. Prizes may include a free ghost hunt ticket, GPI merchandise and maybe a bottle of wine!

GPI Terms and Conditions V2.pdf GPI Terms and Conditions V2.pdf
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Ghost hunting etiquette.pdf Ghost hunting etiquette.pdf
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