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The leading paranormal group in North Wales

Margam Castle

What can you see in the 'orb'?


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The cost of each investigation will vary depending on the cost of hiring the venue but can start from as little as £15 per person. The net proceeds of which will be given to a designated charity after the event has taken place.

As each investigation becomes available, we will advertise it on this website on the 'Upcoming Investigation' page

Ghost hunting has definitely increased in popularity over the past few years. This is mainly due to the televising of ghost hunts by programmes such as Ghost Hunters International, The Bone Collector, Great British Ghosts, Most Haunted and many more

Ghost hunting is a fascinating subject but one that leaves more questions than answers. Gwynedd Paranormal Investigations run events mainly around North Wales. Such is the popularity of these ghost hunting events that we are expanding our locations all the time.

Gwynedd Paranormal Investigations recognises what does and doesn’t make a good ghost hunt event and through trial and error we have come to the conclusion that ghost hunting, whilst entertainment, is also very important as an experience. We tend to remember things that stand out for us and taking part in one of these events certainly does that.

We recognise that people have expectations when they attend a ghost hunt or event and these are normally based on their beliefs about the paranormal. Some people are particularly sensitive and seem to pick up on many different atmospheres and spirit activity within a location. There are others who are completely sceptical and have come out of a need to prove that they were right and that nothing will happen, as spirits and ghosts do not exist. You then have the middle of the road guests who are open to experience and come with a sense of hope that something may happen to completely sway their belief of the afterlife.

Gwynedd Paranormal Investigations incorporate all of these expectations into our ghost hunt events and we recognise the differing emotions that people are going through whilst on an event. These emotions are always heightened due to the unfamiliar and sometimes terrifying situations that people find themselves in. We take this very aspect into account before we look at the paranormal evidence of anything.

It is important to us that our guests are taken care of and whilst we encourage them to be involved in all of our activities during the night we also know that we have a duty of care to them whilst placed in these situations, which may well be out of their own comfort zones. Ghost hunting is an enjoyable but sometimes terrifying experience for all who take part. 

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