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Gwynedd Paranormal Investigations was founded in 2011 by Zoe Callow. We are a Paranormal Investigation group specifically set up to raise money for local charities in the Gwynedd and North Wales Area. We conduct overnight investigations in reportedly haunted locations throughout North Wales and expanding to the rest of the UK. We only charge our guests the amount we need to charge to cover the costs of holding each event. If we have any funds left after expenses, we donate them to local charities in North Wales.

 Zoe Callow - GPI founder and Lead Investigator (Big Boss Lady)

Zoe says; "I have been a paranormal investigator for almost 20 years and previously ran another paranormal investigation group for 6 years. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I have been communicating with spirit since childhood but decided against becoming a medium in favour of paranormal investigating. My paternal grandmother was a well known medium of her time. I am the most sceptical ghost hunter you will ever meet. I always go in with an open mind and will try to find the most logical explanation for unexplained phenomena. Not everything unexplained is paranormal and not everything paranormal is unexplained! I got so fed up of paranormal groups faking evidence, I decided to start my own group!"

Charlotte Watson - Assistant Big Boss Lady/History Researcher/Paranormal Investigator

Charlotte was asked to join the team in December 2016 but her official starting date with the team was 18th February 2017 when she joined us at Beaumaris Gaol. She joined the team to be in charge of our live video feeds on Facebook, Periscope via Twitter and Youtube however, after a restructure of the team in September 2018, Charlotte will now continue as our history and paranormal activity researcher.

Charlotte says; "When I was younger I was very sensitive to the paranormal and was constantly told I have a 'sixth sense'. This hasn't been so apparent in recent years. Although now when I get a gut feeling of spirits near by and what they look like I am usually on the same wave length with what other mediums/clairvoyants are seeing and feeling. I believe in the paranormal but I am hungry for positive proof and evidence, not just memories of paranormal happenings from my childhood. I started going on ghost hunts or paranormal investigations in recent times with GPI and have had some very unusual unexplained experiences. It has become addictive and quite challenging trying to obtain hard evidence that there is an existence on the other side! I have now been given the opportunity to become a GPI team member and am really looking forward to working with these talented and experienced paranormal investigators to get the evidence I crave. I can't wait to go to all the new and exciting locations to research and discover whether there is life after death!"

 Nic Hughes- Equipment Analyst/Paranormal Investigator

Nic joined the team permanently on our Halloween investigation, 27th October 2018. She will be our resident equipment specialist.

Nic says: "I’ve had a keen interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I’ve also been a part of another investigation group in the past. I consider myself to be a sceptical believer. I believe in the paranormal, but I am very aware of fakes. I have had a few experiences of my own including visual sightings and clairsentient. I feel I have some kind of sixth sense. I am very much looking forward to conducting investigations with Zoe, Charlotte and the other new team members".

 Karen Wyer - Video/Technical Assistant/Paranormal Investigator

Karen joined the team at the same time at Nic and Ruby, on our Halloween night, 27th October 2018.

Karen says: I have been interested in anything supernatural for as long as I can remember. I have worked with another paranormal team in the past and absolutely loved it. I enjoy meeting people who want to experience something paranormal. I have been living in North Wales for just over a year now and felt ready to join a local paranormal team. During overnight investigations I am interested to see how all the latest ghost hunting technology works but I still prefer the old fashioned dowsing rods to get a definite yes or no. I also prefer to use my own senses. I am looking forward to the future with Gwynedd Paranormal Investigations.

  Ruby Logan - Paranormal Investigator

Ruby came to GPI during our reshuffle in October 2018, along with Nic and Karen.

Ruby says: I have been involved in spirit work for over 25 years where I have been investigating the reasons for alleged spirit activity and ghost hunting. I am a trance healer, spiritual healer, Reiki master and platform worker I have attended many courses and workshops at The Arthur Findlay College to enhance my sensitivity to hear and feel spirit. I don’t believe that all knocks bangs movement is done by spirit/ghosts there is usually a down to earth explanation which is why I like to investigate further.

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