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About Us

We are a Paranormal Investigation group specifically set up to raise money for local charities in the Gwynedd and North Wales Area.

Started in November 2011 by me Zoe Callow, we are a Paranormal Investigation group specifically set up to raise money for local charities in the Gwynedd and North Wales Area. I personally, have been a paranormal investigator for almost 20 years and previously to this, I ran another paranormal investigation group for 6 years. I have many more years experience of paranormal activity since I was a young child.

We conduct overnight Paranormal Investigations in reportedly haunted locations throughout Gwynedd and North Wales.
Our current team members are: Zoe Callow, Charlotte Reffold, Nic Serebriakoff, Laura Watson, Llywela Wharton & Hayley Warner.

Dechreuwyd ym mis Tachwedd 2011 gannaf i Zoe Callow, rydym yn grŵp Ymchwilio Paranormal a sefydlwyd yn benodol i godi arian at wahanol elusennau lleol o fewn Gwynedd a Gogledd Cymru. Yn bersonol, rwyf wedi bod yn ymchwilydd paranormal ers bron i 20 mlynedd ac yn flaenorol i hyn, cynhaliais grŵp ymchwilio paranormal arall am 6 blynedd. Mae genyf lawer mwy o flynyddoedd o brofiad o weithgaredd paranormal ers pan oeddwn i'n blentyn ifanc.

Rydym yn cynnal Ymchwiliadau Paranormal dros nos mewn lleoliadau yr honnir eu bod yn aflonyddu ledled Gwynedd a Gogledd Cymru. Aelodau presennol ein tîm yw: Zoe Callow, Charlotte Reffold, Nic Serebriakoff, Laura Watson, Llywela Wharton & Hayley Warner.


 Zoe Callow - GPI founder and Lead Investigator (Big Boss Lady)

Zoe says; "I have been a paranormal investigator for almost 20 years and previously ran another paranormal investigation group for 6 years. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I have been communicating with spirit since childhood but decided against becoming a medium in favour of paranormal investigating. My paternal grandmother was a well known medium of her time. I am the most sceptical ghost hunter you will ever meet. I always go in with an open mind and will try to find the most logical explanation for unexplained phenomena. Not everything unexplained is paranormal and not everything paranormal is unexplained! I got so fed up of paranormal groups faking evidence, I decided to start my own group!"

Charlotte Reffold - Assistant Big Boss Lady/Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Charlotte was asked to join the team in December 2016 but her official starting date with the team was 18th February 2017 when she joined us at Beaumaris Gaol. She joined the team to be in charge of our live video feeds on Facebook, Periscope via Twitter and Youtube however, after a restructure of the team in September 2019, Charlotte will now continue as our social media and marketing assistant.

Charlotte says; "When I was younger I was very sensitive to the paranormal and was constantly told I have a 'sixth sense'. This hasn't been so apparent in recent years. Although now when I get a gut feeling of spirits near by and what they look like I am usually on the same wave length with what other mediums/clairvoyants are seeing and feeling. I believe in the paranormal but I am hungry for positive proof and evidence, not just memories of paranormal happenings from my childhood. I started going on ghost hunts or paranormal investigations in recent times with GPI and have had some very unusual unexplained experiences. It has become addictive and quite challenging trying to obtain hard evidence that there is an existence on the other side! I have now been given the opportunity to become a GPI team member and am really looking forward to working with these talented and experienced paranormal investigators to get the evidence I crave. I can't wait to go to all the new and exciting locations to research and discover whether there is life after death!"

  Nic Serebriakoff - Equipment Analyst/Paranormal Investigator

Nic joined the team permanently on our Halloween investigation, 27th October 2018. She started with the team as our equipment specialist however after a restructure of the team in September 2019, she will continue as our history and paranormal activity researcher.

Nic says: "I’ve had a keen interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I’ve also been a part of another investigation group in the past. I consider myself to be a sceptical believer. I believe in the paranormal, but I am very aware of fakes. I have had a few experiences of my own including visual sightings and clairsentient. I feel I have some kind of sixth sense. I am very much looking forward to conducting investigations with Zoe, Charlotte and the other new team members".

 Laura Watson - History/Paranormal Activity Researcher

Laura spent a while in the GPI team up until about a year ago but due to personal circumstances decided to take a short break. As of the new year 2020, she has rejoined the team as our history and paranormal activity researcher.

Laura says: "I am pleased and privileged to be part of GPI. My interest in the spirit world goes back to my childhood. My family have all had an experience of some sort, particularly in an old village building and graveyard, in Gwynedd, which is steeped in history. During my own experiences I have felt physically sick in certain environments which makes me feel I am in the presence of another being or entity. During the last couple of years, I have been attending spiritual development classes which are intriguing and have made me hungrier to explore the paranormal. I am daring, not afraid of the dark or the unexplained. I want to believe and seek the truth. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team as I have been on the other side of the fence until now. Can't wait to share our experiences and future adventures."

  Llywela Wharton - Event Reporter/Translator

Llywela has been a regular guest with GPI for many years. As of 1st May 2020, during the Coronavirus lockdown, Llywela official joined the team to make a start with the translation of all our social media outlets, website and all current GPI documents. I have a feeling this is going to take a while! 

Llywela says: "I am a mum of 3 kids and live locally. I have always had an interest in the paranormal in general since I can remember. I decided to join GPI in order to assist others to experience what I have on so many earlier events. I have found, as a sceptic, it gave me the opportunity to be able to find possible explanations for the activity before jumping to the conclusion that it is paranormal. When it is unexplained, what other explanation could there be? I hope to find out! I cannot wait to attend future events with GPI and look forward to working with the other team members."

 Hayley Warner - Paranormal Investigator

Hayley applied to join the team halfway through the Covid 19 lockdown 2020.

Hayley says: "I’ve always fantasised about joining a ghost hunting team, but I never gave it much though until the pandemic struck. Covid19 wreaked havoc with my performing arts career and ruined all foreseeable contracts for the future and it put my life into perspective. Life is too short to just go after one thing you want, so go after everything you want while you can. I researched paranormal teams across Wales and discovered Gwynedd Paranormal and reached out to them explaining my eagerness to join a team. They were lovely enough to give me a shot to see if I have what it takes and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I recently completed a Diploma in Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigating, but I know I have so much more to learn in the field. Can’t wait to meet these spooky ladies and get my hunt on!"

 Marie Kirkman - Paranormal Investigator

Marie joined the team just after Hayley, during the second lockdown of 2020.

Marie says: I've always known I had a sixth sense. Since a young age, I've seen and heard spirits. I've been out on a couple of investigations with other teams. I've also recently completed a diploma in ghost hunting and paranormal investigating. And I’ve also completed more during lock down to work on my pathways. I have a diploma in parapsychology, wiccan and witchcraft, and demonology. I'm looking forward to investigating with Gwynedd Paranormal as soon as possible and I have a great selection of paranormal equipment of which I look forward to demonstrating, including an SLS camera.

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